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The Children’s Home Network is dedicated to improving lives and changing life stories. We unlock the potential of at-risk children and families by providing compassionate and effective services that create opportunities for success.

Welcome to the Children’s Home Network KIN-TECH™ Kinship Navigation website. This website is designed to offer programs, jurisdictions and states a platform to learn how we are innovating child welfare practice and how our capacity building activities can support our mission and vision as a recognized leader in innovative programs and services in the field of child and family well-being. The Children's Home Network is positioned to provide consultation and training services to replicate our Kinship Navigation model that is culturally tailored to your community, jurisdiction or state. Submit a request on our inquiry tab.

The Children's Home Network is currently serving 8 Florida Counties, that include Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Osceola, Orange, Seminole,  Broward and Dade.

Intake and Referral Line is 888-920-8761.

Children's Home Network

Capacity Building Activities

Build Infrastructure

  • Explore the assets in the community supporting kinship care
  • Review policies and procedures impacting kinship
  • Identify champions who can provide leadership in implementation for kinship navigation
  • Replicate the Children's Home Network Kinship Navigation model through training, coaching, evaluation, and partnership

Develop Knowledge and Skills

  • Assess current workforce on their knowledge on kinship principles and practices
  • Identify other areas in the existing system which promote kinship to build sustainable support
  • Train partners for improved practice with kinship
  • Mentor, coach and consult to promote a learning organization

Assess Culture and Climate

  • Assess organizational readiness for implementation
  • Develop a shared vision and identity

Assess Readiness

  • Assess motivation and the willingness of an organization to change and adapt kinship navigation.
  • This includes beliefs, attitudes, and commitment to kinship families.
  • Assess general capacity, including leadership, staff, and structures in place to implement kinship navigation.
  • Assess kinship navigation specific capacity, including technical and evaluation specific support.

Engage and Partner

  • Enhance communication among providers from multiple service and industry sectors
  • Strengthen partnerships through community of practice
  • Evaluate and Translate
  • Assess the fidelity of implementation
  • Identify cultural and contextual influences on implementation
  • Identify and disseminate barriers and facilitators to implementation
  • Translate lessons learned to guide practice improvements

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